Whoops: turns out the Indian Navy didn’t sink a Pirate Ship last week, they sunk a hijacked vessel instead

The war on Somali Pirates celebrated its first victory last week when news went around the world that the Indian Navy had managed to sink “the mother pirateship” off Somalia. It was a good line, but it turns out the Indian Navy didn’t even come close.

What the Indian Navy sunk was a Thai fishing trawler that had been hijacked by pirates. Oh, and there was at least one innocent crew member on board the boat as well. Fourteen other crew are “missing.”

A Cambodian sailor was rescued four days later by passing fishermen and now recuperating in a hospital in Yemen confirmed the story.

Failing to accept responsibility, an Indian Navy spokesman claimed they were fired upon by the ship and reacted to that, after all its really difficult to spot the difference between a fishing boat and “pirate mothership.”

Ship loads of fail in this case, well one ship load of fail anyway.