Rihanna Booed By Fans After Showing Up Late For Australian Concert

Rihanna was booed by several of her fans after showing up over an hour late to a show in Australia.

The “Diamonds” singer isn’t doing herself any favors during her 2013 Australian Diamonds Tour. According to The Australian, Rihanna was approximately one hour and 20 minutes late to her recent gig. Not surprisingly, fans were extremely upset by her tardiness.

When she finally showed up on-stage, fans immediately let the singer know that they weren’t happy with her behavior. Instead of cheers, Rihanna was reportedly booed. This clearly wasn’t the reception she was expecting

“Adelaide what the f***. I’m finally here… and I now remember how crazy my Australian fans are,” she told the angry fans.

Australian concertgoers weren’t the only ones angry with the singer’s inability to show up on time for a concert. Reports suggest she was 40 minutes late hitting the stage during a gig in Perth earlier this week.

According to Take40, rumors suggest that Rihanna didn’t sing very much at several of her recent shows. Other fans have complained that she isn’t including enough of her popular tunes in the set list. Some people recently vented their frustrations on social media.

“Rihanna was late for her concert yet I don’t see the media going crazy over it like they did when Justin [Bieber] was late for his concert,” one angry fan tweeted.

“Rihanna, you’re not even talented enough to pull off performing drunk and late, you’re no Johnny cash or Elvis. Drop your ego!” another individual posted.

Check out more Twitter reactions to the singer’s tardiness below.

What do you think about Rihanna showing up over an hour late to her show in Australia?

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