Ed Reed Calls Texans-Seahawks Game A ‘Super Bowl Preview’

The Seattle Seahawks travel to Houston Sunday for a game Texans safety Ed Reed believes could be a Super Bowl preview.

At 3-0 and looking unbeatable, it’s easy to predict the Seahawks making the Super Bowl. The Texans, on the other hand, are coming off a 30-9 thumping by the Ravens and have a major hurdle to clear in Denver to get to February.

Ed Reed was excited talking about the game: “This is a potential Super Bowl matchup. We had to make a lot of corrections this week, Monday, which we did to get better. You can’t win them all. We know that now.”

If Houston can keep the score low Sunday, they should have a chance to win. The matchup will feature the top two defenses in the NFL. After three games, Houston has allowed 249 per game, while the Seahawks have allowed 241.7 yards per game.

Ed Reed’s potential Super Bowl match up should be exciting!

The most interesting aspect of the game won’t be how Reed’s Texans bounce back from their week three loss though. Instead, it will be how the Seahawks play on the road.

Seattle’s offense has looked unstoppable the last two weeks at home, putting up scores of 29 and 45, but that’s only the last two games. The Seahawks opened the season on the road in Carolina, only scored 12 points, and didn’t look that impressive. Russell Wilson put up big numbers, but so has RG3 in three losses this season. Points matter!

The Seahawks have the best home field advantage in sports, and it shows in the box score, but they’re a team built for that home field advantage. On the road the playing ground levels, so Sunday will be a great litmus test for how unstoppable the Seahawks really are.

Do you think Ed Reed is right about the game being a Super Bowl preview?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]