Robinson Cano Seeking $305 Million In Free Agency

New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano will a free agent at the end of the season. According to sources close to the five time all star, he is seeking a 10 year contract in excess of $305 million.

If Robinson Cano gets his contract, it will be the most expensive contract in the history of any sport. Sadly, this is what happens when your sport has no salary cap, or salary cap type system. Sure, there’s the luxury tax, but teams like New York and Los Angeles scoff at it in the name of winning.

The $305 million Cano is seeking is equal to what Alex Rodriguez will make in his current deal if he reaches all of his incentives. Of course, Alex Rodriguez might not be the person to model yourself after, but Robinson Cano doesn’t seem worried.

Is Robinson Cano worth $305 million, even in today’s era of bloated player salaries? At 30-years-old, Cano still has a number of productive years ahead of him. Over his last five seasons he’s averaged 28 home runs and 102 RBIs with a.309 batting average, and he’s established himself as one of the best offensive second baseman of all time.

In comparison, Alex Rodriguez was averaging over 120 RBIs and over 35 home runs a season when he signed his $275 million contract in 2007. Of course, Rodriguez cheated to get his numbers, but it was still those numbers that got him paid.

Sorry Robinson Cano, but your numbers don’t add up.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be a team willing to pay Robinson Cano an inexplicable amount of money, it just won’t reach the $305 million he wants. He reportedly understands that, and is willing to “settle” for the biggest contract offered.

Where do you think Robinson Cano will be playing next season?

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