Bolingbrook Plane Crash: Plane Errupts In Flames In Chase Parking Lot

BREAKING – A small plane has crashed into a Chase parking lot in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

According to ABC News, around 5:15 pm Wednesday, the plane crashed into a tree, light pole, and then several vehicles in a Chase Bank parking lot at Weber and Boughton.

Police Lieutenant Mike Rompa told ABC News that “the plane is heavily damaged and almost unrecognizable.”

So far only two people are believed to be injured, the plane’s pilot and passenger, but emergency responders are now looking for additional victims inside cars that where consumed in flames.

The two who are believed to be the pilot and passenger are said to have suffered from bad burns.

Police officials do not believe there was anyone else hurt, but are still looking for possible ground victims.

According to CBS Chicago, several cars were on fire before being extinguished by emergency responders.

One witness, Cherise McGee, told ABC News, “I actually saw the pilot come out of the plane, he was on fire. People were running with blankets for him. It was horrible.”

McGee continued on to say, “It (the plane) exploded right away. I couldn’t see anything of the plane”

Another witness, Seneca Jamison stated that “it was hard to tell if anyone was in the cars, because the fire was that massive.”

She continued on to say that police officers arrived quickly and other emergency responders followed right after.

Photos are beginning to emerge of the plane crash site:

No further details on the crash victims or of any other possible victims is known at this point. The FAA has been notified of the Bolingbrook plane crash.