Marijuana Business Opportunities And Taxes In 2013 Are The ‘Next Great American Industry’

Marijuana business opportunities in 2013 are claimed by some investors to be the “next great American industry” due to the wave of marijuana legalization riding over the states.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some people feel a marijuana business tax is unnecessary and there’s other legitimate reasons to make cannabis legal.

Even the Federal government is easing off of marijuana prosecution. But many cash-strapped states desire a marijuana tax as the number of marijuana business opportunities are growing. A nationwide marijuana legalization that taxes marijuana like alcohol and tobacco is estimate to bring in about $6.4 billion based upon a sales tax and a $50 levy for every ounce sold. Out of the total marijuana tax, $4.3 billion would be for the government and the participating states would split the remaining $2.1 billion.

ArcView Investor Network, a 3-year-old endeavor based in California, believes marijuana business opportunities represent the next great American industry:

“This is big, big business. There has been an incredible amount of interest that’s been expressed to make investments in this industry.”

There are multiple marijuana business opportunities besides growing the plants and operating marijuana dispensaries. Other related businesses include “security firms, cultivation-equipment suppliers, and smoking-accessories manufacturers.”

In fact, marijuana business opportunities are already becoming the domain of the rich. Years ago, it used to be possible to start a marijuana dispensary with a small cannabis plant and several thousand dollars. But now experts say the little guy would “find it difficult to impossible to go into the business today.”

Many marijuana business owners nowadays may not even smoke or imbibe the substance themselves. For example, businessman Ramey Sweis says:

“Between me and my partners, we have maybe 20 to 30 businesses. We saw this as a good avenue to expand as a business plan. Nothing more.”

States are purposefully limiting the number of marijuana dispensary licences being issued. State fees are now known to cost over $100,000 and it’s estimated that a marijuana business start up cost now exceeds $2 million. Ean Seeb of the Colorado Dispensary Denver Relief says he tells clients to set aside at least $6 million.

What do you think about these marijuana business opportunities and the proposed marijuana tax? Do you think it’s fair only the rich will be able to benefit from marijuana businesses?

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