‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Deathstroke Gameplay Trailer Offers A New Challenge [Video]

Batman: Arkham Origins‘ Deathstroke gameplay trailer has arrived.

Back when we were still learning what Batman: Arkham Origins was going to do to convince us that it was a worthy sequel, a certain villain we hadn’t seen in the series before was announced as one of the eight assassins who would be prowling Gotham City and hunting down the dark knight.

That villain was Deathstroke, a master assassin who will test Batman like never before as the caped crusader has never faced anything more than usual gangsters at this point. Batman: Arkham Origins will introduce the first wave of Batman’s major villains as he finally faces the future inmates of Arkham Asylum.

The Black Mask has placed a bounty on Batman’s head, and the payout has attracted eight notorious assassins such as the Joker, Bane, Firefly, and of course, Deathstroke, who are all determined to win the money in time to have a very merry Christmas.

The Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke gameplay trailer reveals the Deathstroke Challenge, which will put you in the assassin’s boots to take on other villains in a couple of modes.

The new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer begins with Deathstroke jumping from the top of a well lit building and rolling to a stop before standing up along with the words “Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Challenge Pack Gameplay.” It continues with a sort of Splinter Cell green-lit room and the promise of two exclusive Challenge Maps.

The Challenge Maps in question are revealed as “No Money Down,” which appears to have motion sensor lasers ready to spring traps all over the stage, and “100 to 1,” which appears to be a survival map with several enemies swarming you at once.

Deathstroke will come with three unique skins, including “Judas Contract Deathstroke,” “Injustice Deathstroke,” and “Arkham Origins Deathstroke.” The middle one could be an import from the DC Comics fighting game already available.

We are then treated to some slow motion attacks from Deathstroke’s arsenal before the trailer finishes off with the title screen.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke gameplay trailer looks to promise a killer good time almost exactly a month from now.