Cote De Pablo Says She Could Still Return To ‘NCIS’ As Ziva David

Cote de Pablo could still return to NCIS, offering fans of the show a glimmer of hope for her character Ziva David.

Here character is set to leave the show in the second episode this year, though details are still hazy about the future of Ziva David.

The actress has not given much reason for leaving the show, other than calling it a personal decision. In leaving she reportedly turned down a very lucrative offer from CBS president Les Moonves, who offered her “a lot” of money to stay on NCIS.

“As far as my decision to leave, that’s a personal thing, and I’d rather leave it at that… The idea of leaving was not something I toyed around with for a long time. It was an overwhelmingly hard thing — at times terrifying,” Cote de Pablo told TV Guide.

De Pablo added that she never planned to leave NCIS, so there is no plan for what she will do next.

That also means that the actress hasn’t ruled out a possible return to the highly rated drama.

“The greatest thing about this last episode is that Ziva doesn’t die,” she said. “As long as a character doesn’t die, the character can always come back. Not that it would actually matter, because we bring back characters from the dead all the time on NCIS.

Cote de Pablo joined NCIS as Ziva, an agent trained in the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. She came on after her predecessor, Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) was murdered.

Ziva is the daughter of Eli David, the director of the organization.

Fans can still see Cote de Pablo on the first two episodes of the season, which premiered on Monday. But NCIS producer Gary Glasberg has warned fans that her final episode is “pretty damn heart-wrenching.”