Charlie Sheen Heads For ‘Mistrial’…It’s Not What You Think

Charlie Sheen is headed for a mistrial, but this time it has nothing to do about his often sensational personal life. He has been called up to due his duty as a citizen of the United States, in other words, jury duty.

That dreaded letter arrived summoning the Anger Management star to appear at the Los Angeles Courthouse for jury selection in an upcoming case.

Sheen didn’t know what was in store, but he was hoping for something interesting like oh…a multiple homicide or something similar, as reported by TMZ.

“But everybody’s innocent until proven guilty, right? At least they used to be, right?” Sheen added, also saying he didn’t know if he’d ever be selected to sit on a jury because he might be too much of a distraction.

No kidding. Can you imagine deliberating with the likes of Charlie Sheen?

In any case, as all responsible citizens, Charlie Sheen didn’t shy away and make excuses not to appear before the honorable judge, but quietly went to the proceedings.

Anyone who has ever been called to jury duty, knows, that is is nothing to write home about. Those summoned sit in a room waiting to be called, so hopefully Sheen brought a book or a script to pass the time.

There is no word on whether Charlie Sheen got the exciting case he was hoping for but later in the day, around the lunch hour, he took a selfie, proudly showing off his juror badge on Twitter.

Charlie Sheen is not the first who has done his civic duty at the Los Angeles Courthouse. Tom Hanks served as a juror in a domestic assault case earlier this month.