Jada Pinkett Smith Giving Love Advice On Facebook

While Jada Pinkett Smith may have one of the most rock solid marriages in Hollywood, the star isn’t the type of happily coupled pal to say that love and marriage is a cakewalk “once you find the right person.”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been together for what feels like forever, and the pair have the sort of Hollywood romance that seems to defy the template for all others. It’s long been rumored that the Smiths have a less than standard approach to marital fidelity — and it looks that their commitment to one another above all else is in part why Will and Jada just work.

Pinkett Smith took to Facebook yesterday to offer some perspective after her 42nd birthday, noting that the calm and serenity in her life wasn’t always present, and describing how hard-earned her success and happiness is.

In one post, Jada admitted that she has “my wisdom, my heart and my conscience as the only tools to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles,” but she also told some stories about love and life to her fans during the rare open Facebook moment.

Mrs. Smith explains that she’d spoken to a friend about a possible divorce — and decided to share the conclusion she’d drawn with all of Facebook:

“You came to see me last night to tell me that you have decided to get a divorce. Last night I only listened, but this morning I woke up with a hope for you. For the past five years, I have been meeting with elders who have been married for 25+ years to get understanding from many perspectives as to what marriage and love is all about. Almost all the couples have said that at some point in their marriage they have stumbled upon inevitably difficult moments that called for a break.”

Pinkett Smith continued:

“I spoke to one couple who had a few years apart only to re-discover their desire to grow old together and to do what was necessary to continue to deepen their love for one another. My hope for you is this, that you consider taking the route that some of our elders have taken in giving your marriage some space and time before the drastic decision of divorce. Answers to big questions need time to find lasting truth vs the truth of the moment. After this process the answer may be the same, but at least you will have the clarity to go about it all with certainty and integrity, but you may also find that spark that could save and rekindle your marriage.”

The star also had some advice about not sticking it out in love, adding:

Do you agree with Jada Pinkett Smith that space and taking time off a relationship isn’t always a bad sign or a terrible idea?