Game Of Thrones Actor Kit Harington Talks About Lots Of Sex, Facial Scars

The cast of Game Of Thrones have been actively teasing about the shows fourth season, and the newest cast member to chime in is Kit Harington.

According to the actor, his character Jon Snow will continue in a relationship with Ygritte. In fact, he says the relationship will get even more hot and heavy with “plenty of sex.”

Harington reveals: “Me and Rose, who plays Ygritte, we’re as close to a love story as you get in the show.”

They may be a close pairing, but Harington admits that “Love” as a concept for Game of Thrones really doesn’t work. Joking about falling in love he proclaims: “Love? In ‘Game of Thrones‘? Really? You think they’d be that nice?!”

The last time we saw Jon Snow he was being attacked by an Eagle and Ygritte was shooting at him. According to Harington, his character will bare the scars of his attack:

“My face is not OK. It’s far from OK! I have to have scars this season… I’m asking to keep one of [the scars]. In the books he’s got a scar that runs (down his face), and so [one] side is going to disappear, but on [one] side I’m gonna have a scar. I thought that would look quite sexy. They’re quite sexy if done in the right way.”

Harington also admits that Game Of Thrones will fail to win the best drama award next year. Breaking Bad took home the top honor this year and its final season will be in contention for 2014. Harington reveals: “There’s no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat ‘Breaking Bad’ next year, when their last season is the one in contention.”

As actors from Game of Thrones continue to chime-in on season 4, we will continue to report on their super-excitement for the shows newest storylines.