2010 Minnesota Vikings season in review

The 2010 season started off as a disaster for the Minnesota Vikings and that disaster really continued throughout the all year. Along the way they traded for and then rid themselves of Randy Moss, got their Head Coach fired, and that whole roof collapsing thing. Things just never got going for them and the finished a very disappointing 6-10 after reaching the NFC Conference Championship game in 2009. Now they must rebuild on the fly on their championship window will close.

The offense was pretty bad, as it scored just 281 total points or 17.6 points per game on average. While Brett Favre did complete 60% of his passes he had 19 INT’s to just 11 TD’s. That is a terrible number, and even though they rushed for more than 120 yards per game on average that could not over come the mistakes. This team started off 0-2 and never really found their footing.

The Defense is still pretty good as they gave up 348 points or 21.8 points per game on average. Their take away differential was -11 and that was among the worst in the NFL. They only had 11 forced fumbles and 15 INT’s so even if the offense was good the defense didn’t help it by going out and getting the ball. They did have 31 sacks so they could get pressure if they needed too.

The Vikings probably need a veteran QB in the short term, and a long term developmental project. That means the QB position should be their number one priority this off season, if this off season ever comes. If I were running this team I would use the 12th overall pick on a QB, and then go out and sign or trade for a Donovan McNabb type guy to come in and mentor the rookie.

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