14 Pandas In A Crib Video Gives Internet Fuzzy Feelings

A video of 14 pandas in a crib tested the internet’s limitation for cuteness intake today.

UPI reports that the 14 pandas were placed in the crab by researchers at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China today for a photo op. The pandas are all under the age of 3 months and weigh between 1.5 pounds and 8 pounds.

The pandas were artificially bred at the research base in Cina’s Sichuan province. The oldest panda, Meng Meng, is about four times heavier than the youngest, Ya Yi. The pandas are currently being raised in two delivery rooms at the facility.

The Denver Channel reports that twenty pandas have been born at the facility this year but only 17 have survived.

Still, 17 new pandas is big news for animal lovers. The BBC notes that less than 2000 pandas are alive in the wild and most of those animals live in Chengdu’s Sichuan province.

The Telegraph report that Britain’s only giant panda Tian Tian could give birth next month.

Iain Valentine, director of giant pandas for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said: “Tian Tian is showing all the signs that she is pregnant… Her hormones are continuing to change in the way we would expect. However we won’t know for certain until her waters break.”