John McAfee Says: ‘Google Is The Ruler Of The World’

John McAfee, the world-renowned software mogul, has returned from his time in the jungle. He is now living a secluded life in Portland, Oregon despite a death hoax about him recently saying he died from an overdose in Vegas.

He spoke to CNBC about his need to keep busy: “When I’m idle, I get in trouble. Even when I’m not idle I sometimes get in trouble.” He also spoke about his return to city life: “I’m not going back to the jungle,” he said, “I enjoyed it for a while. I think cities are more my thing now.”

When he was asked in the interview what he thought about the current climate in the tech world, he had nothing but admiration for one company in particular; Google: “There’s really only one hot tech company right now and that’s Google … the owner of the world’s information is the ruler of the world.”

McAfee was eager to speak about his plans to release a new and revolutionary type of communication technology.

He wouldn’t divulge the details but gave some clues to reporters: “See these people wandering around the park here? If they were all connected in a way where within 50 feet, 100 feet … you could all be communicating, and as you walked, your friend set would constantly change.”

He also spoke a little about the results of a TechWeek poll which gave him the most votes for becoming the next CEO of Microsoft.

He said about the poll: “I would fire almost everybody … (Microsoft) has become archaic in its thinking, and it’s because for so long, there was only one thinker in the company, and that was Bill Gates. He’s a mighty fine thinker, I admit. Not very good socially, I wouldn’t want to have dinner with him. However, a fine thinker.”