Fifty Shades Of Grey Wine Launched, Make Your Dates More ‘Pliable’

If you, like Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, need a little bit of the bubbly to set the mood for some BDSM, now you can imbibe with the official Fifty Shades of Grey label.

Author E.L. James has officially launched a selection of Fifty Shades of Grey wines, available right now at You can pick wither Red Satin or White Silk at $17.99 (£11.25) a bottle or a case of 12 for $215.88 (£135).

This actually kind of makes sense, as James is well-known as an appreciator of wine. She even suggests brands to drink with each chapter of her three books on her website.

Though branded Fifty Shades of Grey wine actually makes more and more sense as we think about it, the Internet has met the announcement with mixed reception. Predictably, battle lines seem to be drawn between those who would drink anything poured over Christian Grey’s washboard abs to those who find the merchandising angle insufferably silly.

Here’s a “best of” of the comments we’ve seen thus far on Facebook:

“Is it a re-packaged box wine? Because then it would match the books.”

“And when your done drinking you can use it to pleasure yourself!”

“Makes sense since Christian Grey is always pouring booze down Ana’s throat to make her more, um, pliable. I hate this book.”

“Oh for the love of….why is this necessary in life?”

And in the “pro-Fifty Shades wine” column:

“wow i would adore to try a bottle of this a good wine works everything out xx”

“Is this guarernteed to work wonders??”



50 shades wine

I don’t know. Get yourself a bottle or two of Fifty Shades of Grey wine here if you dare.