Vincent Bright Stole Father’s Corpse, Tried To Resurrect 93-Year-Old

A man has been arrested after he stole his father’s corpse from a cemetery in Detroit and then looked to resurrect his body.

Vincent Bright stole Clarence Bright’s 93-year-old dead body back in January, days after his father’s funeral. Vincent took the body before it had been buried but while it was still inside the casket.

Other family members immediately identified Vincent as the most likely candidate to have taken his father’s body and then led officers to the body, which was inside his freezer.

The 49-year-old was immediately arrested after police found him alongside an empty casket in his van.

Bright pleaded guilty in August, however he avoided any time in prison. He managed to do this because he made a deal with the Wayne County prosecutor’s office. Instead, on Tuesday, he has been sentenced to probation but was told that he must take mental health medication or he will be incarcerated.

Judge James Chylinski, who works in Wayne County, told Bright that he needs to continue receiving mental health care, and he must prove to his probation officer that he is taking the drugs. He then told Bright, “If you don’t do that, I’ve got to lock you up.”

Police officers revealed when they originally arrested Bright that the deeply religious man believed that his father would come back to life.

This lead cops to label Bright as mentally unstable and state that he wasn’t fit enough to face his charges.

However, he has since improved dramatically, and Gerald Karafa, his attorney, remarked outside out of the court, “He went through a bad period, a lot of stress… He’s doing fine. He’s on his medication.”

Bright has refused to comment on his arrest; however, since he was taken to prison earlier this year, he has spent 225 days in either jail or state hospitals.

[Image via Rob Byron/Shutterstock]