Fire Departments Warn: Deep Fried Turkey is a hazard

Fire Departments across the United States are warning that deep fried turkey is a fire hazard.

Deep fried Turkey has become popular in recent years at Thanksgiving due to the methods ability to produce a turkey that isn’t dried out as can be the case with oven cooking. Deep fry turkey cookers are available and ways to deep fry turkey have been demonstrated on popular cooking shows.

The dangers with deep-frying turkeys revolve around the spilling oil that can start a fire. As the video below shows, putting the turkey in too quickly can cause a large fire in seconds.

Authorities are recommending that you don’t deep fry your turkey, but if you absolutely must, it should be done outdoors and well clear of buildings and any other material that can burn. Fryers should only be used on a flat surface, and should never be placed on wooden decks or in garages.

House fires on Thanksgiving Day average three times higher than other days of the year.

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