Casualties reported in 'blast' at Moscow's Domodedovo airport

Reports of between two and ten dead are trickling in via Twitter- although a number of deaths has not been confirmed- after a report of a "blast" at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.

Details regarding the incident are scant right now, but it has been reported that the attack may have been carried out by a suicide bomber, and the bomb went off in the international arrivals hall. As information is confirmed, we will update this post.

Update: The BBC confirms the "ten dead" figure, and adds:

Early local media reports suggested the blast may have hit the baggage reclaim area of the international arrivals hall.
Update: The AP is reporting at least 20 casualties, but it is unclear exactly how many people have been killed versus injured.

Update: CNN says 31 have died and that Russian state TV says the bombing was a terrorist attack. The blast occurred near the baggage claim, according to the same report.

Update: Injury tolls are at around 100, and security has been stepped up across Moscow and at other airports.