September 24, 2013
Michael Jackson Trial: Closing Arguments Begin

Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial is in the final stages. Attorneys will begin their closing arguments today. Jackson's mother Katherine filed the lawsuit, accusing AEG Live of negligence in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray is accused of providing Jackson with lethal doses of propofol. The anesthetic medication was used as a sleep aid.

Jackson's family contends that AEG Live is responsible for hiring Murray. They further assert that AEG Live failed to monitor Murray's behavior and Jackson's well-being.

As reported by ABC News, AEG Live argues that Jackson specifically chose Murray as his doctor. Although a contract between AEG Live and Murray exists, Jackson did not sign the contract.

The exact amount sought by Jackson's family is unknown. However, it is rumored to be in the billions. If the family wins the case, the money will be distributed between Katherine and Jackson's three children: Prince, age 16, Paris, age 15, and Blanket, age 13.

Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos provided the jury with instructions on Monday. They were reminded that sympathy and public opinion could not be a factor in their decision. Judge Palazuelos further explained that only nine of the 12 jurors had to be in agreement for a finding.

The jury will have to answer only one question: whether AEG Live or Michael Jackson hired Dr. Murray.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, tensions have run high throughout the entire trial. Attorneys for both sides have displayed obvious animosity. The men have openly argued in the hallway, the courtroom, and the judge's chambers.

Although their behavior was somewhat entertaining for spectators, it did not sit will with Judge Palazuelos. The judge has threatened sanctions numerous times if the attorneys do not calm down.

The closing arguments are expected to fill the 200-seat courtroom with spectators including Prince.

The most interesting testimony is expected to come from Michael Jackson himself. Plaintiff's attorneys are expected to present a montage of videos, proving Jackson was healthy and capable of performing at the time of his death.

[Image via Wikimedia]