Piers Morgan Says ‘It’s Over’ For Jon Stewart After Emmys Night Lost

Piers Morgan is not a fan of Jon Stewart, and he took to Twitter following the Emmys to publicly attack TheDaily Show host.

For the first time in 10 years, Jon Stewart did not win the Emmy for best variety series, and Morgan thinks that loss marks the begging of the end for Stewart.

In his tweet, Morgan revealed:

“CNN BREAKING NEWS > It’s over for Jon Stewart…. @StephenAtHome wins again.”

Morgan is mad at Jon Stewart because The Daily Show host has made it his mission to attack CNN coverage of events lately.

In all fairness, Stewart has attacked the network’s decision to report crazy predictions that it later reports to be false — breaking news events Stewart claims have become nothing but guesses and outright lies on behalf of not only CNN but also Fox News, NBC News, and various other live news broadcast providers.

In a previous tweet, Piers Morgan wrote:

“If I were Jon Stewart, I’d stop obsessing with CNN and start worrying about the younger, funnier @iamjohnoliver getting his job….Stewart has yet to issue a response.”

It should be noted that Jon Stewart lost for the first time to Stephen Colbert only after he took the summer off to film a serious film about Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari. Colbert capitalized on Stewart’s departure although this writer thinks John Oliver deserved the win. Not only was Oliver hilarious and on point, he also overshadowed fellow Brit Piers Morgan in every way.

In the meantime, it might be over for Piers Morgan well before Jon Stewart. A report by Deadline in August 2013 found that Morgan was attracting a measly 87,000 viewers in its key 25-54 demographic.

Do you think “it’s over” for Jon Stewart, or will he reclaim his variety show title in 2014? Do you think Piers Morgan will be off the air long before The Daily Show?