iOS 7 Hidden Secrets Revealed

The iOS 7 hidden secrets have been revealed.

After Apple's claim that there are over 200 improvements in iOS 7, sounding a lot like Microsoft talking about its Xbox One by the way, the plucky tech masters have uncovered some of the best hidden secrets you probably haven't seen yet. Of course, unlike Microsoft, Apple has a running trend of producing quality hardware that lasts a while, but that's beside the point.

Here are some of the best hidden secrets in iOS 7:

  • iOS 7 now lets you know when a message was sent, potentially dispelling those awkward conversations where someone texted something they wanted to take back and you assume they just sent it, even if you reply a day later. Just swipe the message to the left and you know when it was sent.
  • For those prospective carpenters out there, iOS 7 has a built-in level in the pre-installed apps. Set your phone down on that surface and it'll tell you if it's perfectly level or off a ways.
  • You can now train Siri to say names correctly in one of the coolest new iOS 7 hidden secrets. If its pronunciation is laughable at best, simply say, "That's not how you pronounce that." Siri will then go through a short exercise to learn to pronounce the word or name correctly.
  • iOS 7 has now made the number of apps in your folders infinite so you can put, say, all of your games in one place and leave room for other things on the Home screens, reducing clutter.
  • Reduce Motion will let you take the depth effects out of wallpapers and such, so you aren't using up the cache just to make everything pretty at the cost of smoothly running more apps at once.
  • Probably soon to be a popular hidden secret in iOS 7 is the option to disable the Control Center while you're in apps. This is especially useful in games, so you don't accidentally activate the Control Center in a rush to make your character jump. You can even disable the feature from the Lock screen for added security.
  • You can now limit ad tracking from the Privacy menu, meaning you don't have to feel like a hacker just to turn off the ads that Apple secretly started putting in a while back.
  • Telling iOS 7 more about yourself will net more usability, such as personalized birthday wishes, having Siri remind you to do something when you get home, more relevant traffic updates, and so on.
What's your favorite new hidden secret in iOS 7?