September 23, 2013
Bob Newhart Cries After Receiving Standing Ovation At Emmy Awards

Bob Newhart waited more than 52 years to receive his first Emmy, but after finally breaking through this year the crowd at the annual television awards was ready to honor him.

Despite four popular television series, Newhart was someone unable to bring home an Emmy. This year changed that, as he won Best Comedy Guest Actor for his role as Professor Proton on The Big Bang Theory.

Newhart actually received the award at the Creative Arts portion of the Emmy Awards, which took place last week. But on Sunday's broadcast of the Emmy Awards he was front and center, being shown several times throughout the evening.

When Bob Newhart appeared on stage as co-presenter of the Writing and Directing awards for Variety Series, fellow presenter and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parson congratulated Newhart for his first-ever Emmy Award..

The crowd seemed to appreciate the moment, and their applause grew into a standing ovation for Newhart and his accomplishments. The camera then pulled in on Newhart during what would be the only standing ovation of the night, showing him as he wiped away tears.

In an interview with Chuck Lorre, executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, Bob Newhart said he also got emotional when he received the actual award.

"It was weird because when I saw the Emmy and it was about to be handed to me, it was like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to have one of those things," Newhart told Lorre. "And I turned and the audience was standing, that was just it. It emotionally destroyed me. Because, to a performer, it's from your peers. And that's what's so special about it."

Newhart said he was attracted to The Big Bang Theory because of its excellent writing.

"In my estimation, it's one of the best written comedy shows on television...and there is no second," Bob Newhart told Lorre.