Justin Bieber’s Gal Pal Jacque Rae Pyles: Deny, Deny, Deny?

The nature of Justin Bieber’s relationship with Jacque Rae Pyles, the brunette he’s been seen with at high profile events including New York Fashion Week, a private jet bound for Las Vegas to witness Floyd Mayweather’s boxing win over Saul Canelo Alvarez, and the Bahamas — has been answered by the lady herself.

On the face of it, definitively. And yet, it wasn’t.

Hot on the heels of her Hollywood TV interview from the Kari Feinstein Lounge in the Andaz hotel West Hollywood, Calif., E! News also spoke to Pyles and asked if she was single.

To which, she replied: “I am. I am.”

However, Pyles did hesitate for a few, perceptible seconds. And her reply was accompanied by what E! aptly describes as a ‘nervous laugh.’

But lets backtrack. Tracing her history with Bieber, Jacque explained: “Well, I’ve actually known him since I was 14. I’m 19 now, so it’s been five years.”

She added: “We met because I was in a girl group for Nick Cannon called School [Gyrls]. And he was in the movie that we were filming, and then just from there we just became friends and hung out a lot, and it’s just been growing since.”

Probed on whether her relationship with Justin could be termed a “mentor relationship” or “friends on the same level” (Translation: Who has the ‘power?’), the California native said,

“That’s a hard question… Maybe mentorship,” she mused.”Just because of where his career is at, and where mine’s at, he’s definitely helpful and everything.”

After responding affirmatively to E!’s money shot ‘are you single right now?’, Pyles was asked to name the qualities she looked for in a guy.

Rather sweetly, she confided: “You know I just like someone with a sense of humor. Someone that can make me laugh. Like if I’m down, they can just lift my spirits and make everything better.”

Naturally, Bieber was a perfect fit when she was asked if he had those qualities.

Incidentally, Hollywood TV posed a similar query. Namely, what was the “best thing” about Bieber?

“His attitude,” Jacque told them. “He’s really funny. Yeah, I like… (sic).” She also told Hollywood TV her time spent in the Bahamas was the “best week” of her life.

At the end of E!’s interview, Pyles was asked if she would be seeing Justin in the near future.

With absolute certainty, she replied: “Yes, definitely.”

Jacque Rae Pyles Says She Is Not Seeing Justin Bieber Romantically

Via @Jacque Rae Tumblr.

So, what have we learned?

It doesn’t take a genius, or the panel of body-language ‘experts’ we’ll all shortly be hearing from, to know that even if Jacque isn’t dating Bieber she would say yes immediately if he asked.

And the big question: Were Pyles’ hesitation and nervous laugh signs of understandable duplicity, just nerves, or a deliberate intention to imply a romance because she knows the current interest in her is directly related to Bieber?

It’s not clear. Here at IQ, the jury’s out until the next sighting, Instagram, interview, girl?…

It should be noted Bieber’s reps have not confirmed the pair are dating and declined to comment on the teen singer’s personal life.

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