November 2, 2016
Anna Faris' Drunken Meeting With Warren Beatty Embarrassing, Yet Bleeping Funny

Anna Faris' drunken meeting with Warren Beatty was apparently an interesting one.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Anna Faris was unrecognizable at the Emmy awards.

Henry Warren Beatty is an actor, producer, screenwriter, and director who has been nominated for 15 Academy Awards. Anna Faris was auditioning for Sofia Coppola's 2003 drama Lost in Translation when she happened to bump into Warren Beatty. So you would think Anna Faris would try to make a first good impression.

Nope. For Anna Faris, drunk was the first impression Warren Beatty ever had:

"[Sofia] asked me to sing the song Nobody Does It Better, pretending like I was drunk and doing karaoke. So I'm singing and generally making an a*s out of myself, and the door to the office starts to open. And in walks Warren Beatty."
Despite the drunken first meeting, Warren Beatty said he was a fan of Anna Faris' work in Scary Movie, saying she was "f***ing funny." The overall audition went well for Anna Faris as well. She managed to land a small role in Lost In Translation despite a "more famous" celebrity also going for the same job position:
"I was the first person they saw. Then they auditioned a lot of my friends. And I think they made an offer to somebody more famous. At the last minute they told me I got it."
Anna Faris does complain she's been stuck with mostly comedic roles. Well, maybe that's why people expect to see Anna Faris drunk and why Warren Beatty didn't bat an eye. Still, she's hoping she might be able to get more serious dramatic roles.