‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Fan Beaten, Robbed By Married Couple

Delray Beach, FL – Grand Theft Auto 5 fan Rohan Dawkins was reportedly beaten and robbed by a married couple shortly after the man purchased a copy of the popular open-world video game.

Rohan Dawkins, who saved up money for the popular sequel by working part-time at Home Depot, was recently attacked on his way home from purchasing the title. According to The Huffington Post, the couple robbed the GTA 5 fan in a Gamestop parking lot.

Detective Peter Sosa was particularly sickened by the attack.

“This is what ticks me off. He would come in every week and just give the GameStop 10 dollars toward the new game. And then they took it all from him,” he told WPTV.

Authorities explained that Adele Jones and Tommy Davis kicked and punched Rohan Dawkins as he was leaving the Gamestop location. Police were eventually able to track down the couple after reviewing surveillance footage.

According to Kotaku, Dawkins is presently enrolled in a local ACCESS program for adults with learning disabilities. When his fellow students learned about the attack on the Grand Theft Auto 5 fan, they pooled their resources to get him a replacement copy of the game.

Since Dawkins uses public transportation to get where he needs to go, an anonymous individual also bought the guy a bus pass. When something like this goes down, it’s good to know there are still decent people out there in the world.

Adele Jones and Tommy Davis allegedly sold Dawkins’ copy of GTA 5 to someone else. The married couple was recently charged with strong-armed robbery and dealing in stolen property.

Rockstar Games’ hotly-anticipated crime saga is one of the most successful video game launches in history. The game already earned a staggering $1 billion after the first few days on shelves.

Did you pick up Grand Theft Auto 5 last week? What do you think about the married couple who attacked a man shortly after he picked up his copy of the game?

[Image via Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive]