Freak Accident At Auto Show Kills Girl, 7 [Upsetting Video]

A seven-year-old girl has been killed in a "freak accident" at an auto show near Los Angeles, but the Sunday night incident is still being untangled by witnesses and police.

The young girl was attending the Santa Fe Springs event on Sunday evening when the tragedy struck, and it's not precisely clear how the string of events led to her death.

The victim has been identified as Mia Chapman, and witnesses say that around 8:15 PM, the girl was fatally struck and killed. However, it hasn't yet been determined whether she was hit by a vehicle itself, or a heavy item displaced by a vehicle -- some witnesses report that a pallet of water may have been knocked onto the girl by a car at the show.

News station KTLA quotes Chapman's cousin, Stacy Young, as saying that even those present for the horrifying auto show accident aren't sure what happened and how her young relative was killed. Young explained:

"We're getting multiple stories, so that's another issue. I've heard that it was water that fell. I've heard that she was hit by a car, but … nobody's telling us anything."

Young continued, saying that the family is so far in the dark about the freak accident at the auto show:

"We're just getting different stories from different people... But the ones that have the power to tell us what's happening – they're not telling us anything."

The station reports that police have confirmed the basic facts of the scenario, saying:

"The incident occurred about 8:15 p.m. inside a warehouse where the show was held, according to the Whittier Police Department. The warehouse is located in the 10200 block of Freeman Avenue, attendees of the event said... Mia Chapman [] was reportedly struck by either a car or pallets of bottled water that were toppled by a car, according to conflicting reports."

The Los Angeles Times reports that other witnesses say a vehicle at the auto show lost control before Chapman was killed, but it is not clear if police have yet untangled the conflicting reports of the accident.