Reason Behind Merritt Wever’s Shortest Emmy Speech Ever [Video]

The one thing everyone dislikes at the Emmys are the lengthy speeches. These days we don’t want to hear a star’s thank you list of agents, managers, and pet daycare workers. Instead, we rather have a speech sentimental, but short and sweet.

Nurse Jackie’s Merritt Wever took note of this, even if it didn’t look like it was completely intentional. Clearly in shock that she scored her first Emmy, let alone being the first winner of the night, Merritt’s speech was cut short on her own volition.

Instead of hearing the music play her off, Wever took to the stage in complete shock and finished her speech in under 11 seconds. It would have been 8 seconds if she hadn’t paused for a beat or two to excuse herself from the podium.

Wever, who won for best supporting actress in a comedy series for Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, took to the stage on Sunday night, clutching her award, and envelope that revealed her name as the winner. Overjoyed, Merritt Wever looked a bit overwhelmed as she addressed the audience with: “Thank you so very much.” That’s when things got a bit weird, or endearing, depending on how you look at it.

Wever looked at the audience, paused, and finished her brief speech up by awkwardly announcing: “Um, I gotta go, bye.”

So what made her speech so brief? It seems as though Wever is a bit camera shy when it comes to crying in front of millions of viewers. Wever said backstage that she made her speech extremely brief when she realized she was about to cry in front of everyone.

In addition, the actress admitted that she would have liked to give a quick shout-out to Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco.

Still, impressed by her brief words, and how she used her time to kick off the show, host Neil Patrick Harris found great amusement, and praised her for the speech, having said:

“Merritt Wever, best speech ever.”

Do you think Merritt Wever made the best speech ever? Check out her speech below: