Tabloid claims Sarah Palin’s husband Todd had affair with massage therapist Shailey Tripp

The National Enquirer, the publication that broke open the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter cheating scandal, is claiming that Sarah Palin’s husband had an affair with 36-year-old Shailey Tripp, who has been arrested for prostitution.

The tabloid cites an anonymous source, offering info from the email address and claiming cops confiscated information linking Todd Palin to Tripp as well as detailing other alleged connections:

“My sources reveal that a massage therapist and computer technologist, SHAILEY TRIPP, had an affair with Todd Palin that lead (sic) to her arrest March of 2010,” claimed the anonymous e-mail.

“According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex. It was the same tenants who called the police on her.”


Tripp pled no contest in June to charges of prostitution in Anchorage, and she is set to be sentenced this upcoming June. The rag also points out that similar accusations swirled around the Palin camp in 2008 and 2009, and the Palins were quick to issue denials regarding the claims. The current accusations have not yet been “refudiated” by either Sarah or Todd Palin.