March 24, 2014
Merritt Wever Speech Wins Emmy Awards [Video]

Merritt Wever didn't expect to win at the Emmy Awards tonight. She was so shocked when her name was called that she panicked and ran off the stage. Seriously. The Nurse Jackie actor got so nervous after she grabbed her statue that she told the audience that she "had to go" and left the stage.

You can watch Wever's acceptance speech, all five seconds of it, below

Wever says: "Thank you so much. I got to go. Bye."

That was it. She didn't thank anyone besides "you" and she barely managed to do that. It was cute, sweet, and easily won the best speech of the night award.

Wever managed to calm down a little backstage and told reporters that she had a lot of people to thank.

The actress said: "I'm sorry I didn't thank anyone. I was going to cry, that's why. I'm scared. I know I wanted to thank a lot of people... I don't know…I'm scared because it was unexpected, so I don't know how I feel yet. I mean, I have therapy next week."

Hopefully Wever can talk things out with her therapist so that she can enjoy her award.

Here's a video of the best speech at the Emmy Awards last night.