Tim Tebow Rejects $1 Million Russian Football Offer, Holds Onto NFL Dream

Tim Tebow is still thinking NFL or bust.

After receiving an offer to play two games in a Russian football league in exchange for a $1 million contract, Tebow said thanks but no thanks.

Moscow Black Storm owner Mikhail Zaltsman had extended the contract bid to Tebow, but announced this weekend that the quarterback had rejected his offer.

Zaltsman, who to many appeared to be trying to drum up a bit of publicity, seemed a bit vindictive in his response to Tebow.

“Unfortunately agents of Tim Tebow turn down our proposal,” Zaltsman said in an email. “I hope that its Tebow’s agents’ fault that the contract wasn’t signed and Tim couldn’t do anything about it.

“If it was his decision – it’s very upsetting. And in this case we don’t want him in our team anyway.”

“We are looking for the people who pursue their dreams, not the ones who talk about it.”

It did seem at one point that Tim Tebow was seriously mulling over the offer. A Russian media outlet this week even reported that Tebow was signing with the Black Storm, but that report was soon retracted.

The news outlet ITAR-TASS reported that Tebow was close to signing with the Black Storm.

“Negotiations are still underway,” said Dmitry Popkov, the president of the Black Storm. “First we offered him a certain amount, then this amount increased. It will be clear after September 20 whether Tebow will come here. Our owner is in talks with managers and agents of this player. The funds have already been transferred — the ball is in Tim Tebow’s court now.”

Tim Tebow for now appears focused on his return to the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots. He was seen last week working out at USC going through passing drills, and sources say he is hoping to be signed during the season if another quarterback goes down.