Surface 2: What To Expect From Microsoft's Event

Microsoft will be announcing two new tablets tomorrow, the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. The tablets will replace the Surface RT and Surface Pro which, for all intents and purposes, failed after launching last year.

Even though Microsoft was unsuccessful with the original Surface tablets, they are at it again, trying to make their way into the tablet market.

Along with the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, another Microsoft tablet is expected later this year and will likely take the form of a mini (7-8 inch) tablet.

Nothing Special With Surface 2

The old saying "no need to reinvent the wheel" only applies to things that are already successful, but Microsoft seems to have misunderstood the statement. Instead of switching things up and really making the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro different from last year's models, Microsoft is keeping almost everything the same.

According to the rumors, both tablets will be launching with 10.6-inch screens and will also come in at the same price points. This means that the cheaper Surface 2 will start at $349 while the Surface 2 Pro will cost $799 to start.

However, the one thing that Microsoft has reportedly improved in the Surface 2 Pro, is battery life. Outside of price, the extremely low battery life of the Surface 2 Pro was one of the most frequently mentioned downfalls of the tablet.

Now, the Surface 2 Pro should be able to last for seven hours instead of the four that the original tablet received.

Re-Designed Surface 2 Kickstand

One of the few things that we do know will likely be changed in the two devices is the kickstand. Details regarding how Microsoft is changing the kickstand have not come out but it is likely that they are designing it for functionality instead of the "cool" factor.

As a result of the previous kickstand design, users were not even able to use the Surface RT or Surface Pro on their laps. Hopefully, the new kickstand is far superior to the one that we saw last year.