Wedding Reception Canceled, Donated To The Homeless

A wedding reception was canceled and donated to the homeless in Atlanta.

Normally a wedding reception is a joyous event where the newlywed couple shares a public display of affection for all of their friends and relatives. This particular reception ended up being joyous for a totally different reason. The couple in question canceled the event, but the host used it to feed 200 homeless people.

Carol and Willie Fowler went out of their way last Sunday to show some charity to homeless people in Atlanta, Georgia when they canceled a wedding reception for their daughter and teamed up with Hosea Feed the Hungry, giving the less fortunate the chance to enjoy a good meal. Instead of a celebration of union, the event became a celebration of charity.

Carol Fowler says her daughter is handling the canceled wedding reception well, and is enjoying the knowledge that the needy are being given the chance to enjoy it in her place.

Children attending the event were also given an education in etiquette, according to Elizabeth Omilami, head of Hosea Feed the Hungry. She added:

"The passed hors d'oeuvre were very interesting because the children were wondering, 'could we take the whole tray, or do we just take one off of the tray?'. So this was an educational opportunity as well, because now they all know how to eat at a four-course meal and the etiquette involved in that."

Elizabeth Omilami also said that when she initially received the offer, she thought it was a prank call, but it ended up being a very real act of kindness.

Carol Fowler says that more people should do things like this, using what may have been a complete failure and turning it into something to help others who might never get the chance to experience it. In a way, we could all learn from this, taking a negative and turning it into a positive, simply by changing direction with how it's done. There is no doubt that the homeless people served by this event will remember it for a long time.

A wedding reception canceled had been turned into a great success in the end.