Colorado Floods Are The Result Of Homosexuality And Abortions, Says Pastor

According to Reformation Church OPC Pastor Kevin Swanson, the recent Colorado floods are the direct result of homosexuality, abortions, and marijuana.

The religious figure caused some controversy during a broadcast of his Generations With Vision radio program. In Swanson's opinion, a very angry God is responsible for the historic flooding in the state

According to the folks at Raw Story, Kevin Swanson believes the Colorado flooding may have something to do with state House Speaker Mark Ferrandino's homosexual relationship. The pastor says the coincidence is simply too hard to ignore.

The pastor told his listeners:

Is it a coincidence that this was the worst year politically in the history of Colorado, at least if you use God's law as a means of determining human ethics? Our legislators committed homosexual acts on the front page of the Denver Post, do you remember that?

Swanson continued:

So here we have the very worst year in Colorado's year in terms of let's kill as many babies as possible, let's make sure we encourage as much decadent homosexual activity as possible, let's break God's law with impudence at every single level, at every single level let's make sure that we offend whoever wrote the Bible, so we have the worst year possible politically in the state of Colorado and it happens to be the worst year ever in terms of flood and fire damage in Colorado's history.

Not surprisingly, the pastor's comments have drawn the ire of several people on Twitter. Blaming the Colorado floods hasn't exactly settled well with some gay rights groups and activists.

"You're an idiot and a moron, Kevin Swanson! I'm sure science would just love to hear your 'supporting' hypothesis," one micro-blogger tweeted.

What do you think about Pastor Kevin Swanson's comments regarding the recent Colorado floods? Do you think he was out-of-line to blame the disaster on homosexuality, abortions, and marijuana?

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