Miley Cyrus: 'We Can't Stop' Smoking Marijuana?

David Cornell

Miley Cyrus, the "We Can't Stop" singer, has admitted to spending seven straight hours in an Amsterdam cafe.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the facts are mounting that the Hanna Montana star is a user of marijuana, especially after admitting she had an extended stay in an Amsterdam cafe where the drug is legally distributed.

Miley Cyrus' drug use had been hinted at before when she released the music video for "We Can't Stop," and after several rumors, she finally admitted the song was about doing Ecstasy. This has opened up the floodgates about Miley Cyrus in the world of illegal drugs, and after her performance at the VMAs where she twerked in front of Robin Thicke during his performance of "Blurred Lines," her behavior has only gotten more and more odd.

It could be that Miley Cyrus is saying "We can't stop" to the possibility of smoking marijuana in her off time, especially after admitting to spending seven hours in an Amsterdam cafe. After all, accusations have flown that the pop star is either mentally ill or on drugs.

Nicole Knepper, a licensed counselor, had previously noted that her behavior indicates mental illness, possibly resulting from the use of Ecstasy:

"For some time now … her hyper-sexuality, lack of impulse control and boundaries, rapid mood swings, admitted drug use, compulsive tweeting and spending, extreme displays of irritability and argumentative behavior, difficulty sleeping, and hoarding of animals, all documented on Twitter by Miley herself for her over 13 million followers, are not just typical adolescent behaviors."

Could Miley Cyrus' recent behavior at the VMAs and in her music video for "Wrecking Ball" be a sign of mental illness? Could the pop star be smoking marijuana as a way to cope with it? As long as she doesn't end up suddenly obsessed with plastic surgery and Drake (Amanda Bynes, we're looking at you), it might not be enough to raise an eyebrow, but the behavior mentioned just from her Twitter feed might indicate that her drug use may be gaining momentum. It might also explain her sudden split with Liam Hemsworth so quickly after her antics at the VMAs.

It may be that Miley Cyrus can't stop smoking marijuana for reasons she's not telling us.

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