Jonny Gomes Beer Can Punt Injures Red Sox Fan [Video]

Jonny Gomes punted a beer can into the Fenway Park stands last night and apparently injured a fan.

The Boston Red Sox were partying in the clubhouse and on the field after clinching the American League East with a 6-3 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. During the celebration, the Red Sox outfielder kicked the cans into the crowd. The players wore ski goggles to shield the eyes from the traditional champagne shindig. Fans, of course, had no such protection.

One beer can reportedly hit an older man above the eye.

Gomes is one of the free-agent journeymen that has contributed to the Red Sox stunning worst-to-first success in the 2013 MLB campaign. Although he is only batting.239 this season, Gomes has been a clutch hitter in key situations with men on base and also enjoys a solid reputation as a team leader. Gomes punted his batting helmet into the air earlier this season when rounding third base after blasting a walk-off home run.

According to a comment posted at the SportsGrid website, “My wife and I literally had to duck so as not to get hit by this same beer can punted by Gomes. We turned around to see who it hit and saw this gentleman disoriented and bleeding profusely.” Another purported eyewitness stated that “He was bleeding profusely and luckily Fenway First Aid was quick to respond.”

So far, there’s been no statement from either the Red Sox or Gomes about this purported incident. Presumably the Red Sox will do right by the fan, and he can perhaps look forward to some free tickets to the playoffs.

Going into tonight’s action, the Red Sox are 94-61, the best record in baseball, and have a good chance to nail down home field advantage throughout the MLB post-season. The American League already has the home field advantage for the World Series as a result of its victory in the 2013 All-Star Game.

Post-game celebrations can be controversial. The Los Angeles Dodgers found themselves in “hot water” for jumping into the Arizona Diamondbacks swimming pool after winning the National League West.

[image credit: Keith Allison]