iPhone 5S: Homeless Hired To Wait In Line

An iPhone 5S scam left dozens of homeless people stranded in Pasadena. An unidentified man promised them money for standing in line outside the Apple store. Unfortunately, the people were never paid.

The man reportedly spent the evening visiting homeless shelters. Making several trips with his van, the man delivered at least 80 homeless people to the sidewalk outside the store. They were instructed to wait in line for numbered tickets, which are exchanged for the phones.

They were promised $20 per ticket for their time. Some of the people spent more than 12 hours waiting for the store to open.

As reported by ABC News, the people were never paid for their time. The man who planned the iPhone 5S scam was eventually escorted from the scene.

He reportedly walked out of the store with multiple phones, which upset others who were waiting in line. A scuffle ensued, prompting police to remove him from the area.

Pasadina Police did not charge the man in the incident. Pasadena Police Lt. Jason Clawson says “it’s not a police issue. It’s a business issue.”

The man has not returned to the area.

The homeless people are now stranded at the Apple store. They have no money or transportation.

Vivian Fields is a victim of the scam. The 49-year-old is confined to a wheelchair. She has no idea how she is going to find her way back to the shelter.

Fields says “they need to bring him back… to pick up the people he brought here.” Unfortunately, it is not likely to happen. Fields waited outside the Apple store for more than 12 hours.

The scam was obviously devised to get around Apple’s limit of two phones per person. The iPhone 5S is being offered in various colors. However, the gold silver versions were the first to sell out.

[Image via Wikimedia]