Bruce Jenner Is Battling Skin Cancer Again

As if the Kardashians aren’t dealing with enough, it’s being reported that Bruce Jenner has skin cancer.

Baz Luhrmann was certainly on to something when he said to use sunscreen. Jenner, 63, went under the knife for his skin cancer on Monday.

According to TMZ, the Olympian, had to go under the knife, due to his cancerous tissue that was located in his nose. Jenner’s cancerous tissue was reportedly removed from his nose, which required 30 stitches.

Sporting a bandage on his nose, Bruce Jenner was spotted in a baseball cap, keeping his face out of the sun during a coffee run.

This isn’t the first time Bruce Jenner had to deal with skin cancer. As mentioned, this is the second time Jenner has had to undergo treatment for cancer. The reality star, and beloved Olympian battled cancer in January of 2012, and was spotted with a big scar on the side of his face.

Bruce Jenner’s recurrence of skin cancer isn’t surprising. According to, recurrences of skin cancer happen within the first two years of surgery. According to the site:

“It is crucial to pay particular attention to any previously treated site, and any changes noted should be shown immediately to a physician. Even if no suspicious signs are noticed, regularly scheduled follow-up visits including total-body skin exams are an essential part of post-treatment care.”

Besides being an Olympian, Bruce Jenner does take part in outdoor activity, which includes hours practicing on his golf swing.

In addition to Jenner’s skin cancer, the track and field Olympian has had a difficult time with Kris Jenner. As previously reported, it’s believed that the two have separated and live in separate homes.

According to Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Bruce Jenner may be having a hard time with cancer due to emotional stress. Dr. Bailey wrote on her Skin Care site:

“Over my years of practice, I’ve observed the connection between emotionally stressful times in a person’s life and their skin going through a “spell” of basal cell cancers. Now there are the immune markers and scientific data to explain it.”

Best wishes to Bruce Jenner on his recovery. Let’s hope he stays out of stressful situations.

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