Bryan Cranston Scores Gig Outside Of 'Breaking Bad'

If you're worried that you won't be able to get your Bryan Cranston fix after Breaking Bad ends, it's safe to say you will be seeing a lot more of the actor. Cranston, who has enjoyed success with Breaking Bad over the last several years, is making his move into films, following his successful run as Walter White.

According to Deadline, Cranston has grabbed the bulls by the horn with his own biopic. Cranston is set to play Dalton Trumbo. Back in the day, Trumbo was Hollywood's top screenwriter, and then he was sent to prison when he stood up to Congress, who at the time was hunting around for communists in Hollywood.

Among actors, Dalton Trumbo was also blacklisted by Hollywood studios, which affected his personal life and career. In the end Trumbo wound up clearing his name, and going on to win two Oscars under different pseudonyms.

Cranston's Dalton Trumbo is being written by John McNamara, which is based on the novel by Bruce Cook. The film is scheduled to go into production next year, which looks like solid timing for the Breaking Bad star.

As for Breaking Bad, there's only three episodes left until the series ends. It was previously reported that the last two episodes of the AMC show will be extended to 75-minutes each.

Boston fans of Bryan Cranston can currently see the Breaking Bad actor starring in the stage play of All the Way at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA.

As far as other rumors circulating Cranston's film's career, it is rumored that he may be cast opposite Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck in the new Superman Vs Batman film. It's believed that Cranston is up for the role of Lex Luthor, which makes sense considering he does rock the bald look well.

Are you excited to see more Bryan Cranston in your life?