Joey Prusak: Dairy Queen Manager’s Good Deed Goes Viral

Joey Prusak is a Dairy Queen manager whose good deed went viral after he saw a woman swipe a $20 bill that a blind man had dropped.

Joey Prusak refused to serve the thieving customer when she refused to do the right thing and return the money to the blind customer. Prusak says of the event:

I was just doing what I thought was right, I did it without even really thinking about it…. Ninety-nine out of 100 people would’ve done the same thing as me.

Joey Prusak then goes a step further by giving the man $20 out of his own pocket. A customer who witnessed the event sent an email to Dairy Queen and the email was then posted online. Since then, Joey Prusak has received widespread praise for his good deed, even receiving a call from Warren Buffet, who owns Dairy Queen. Mr, Buffet encouraged Joey Prusak to continue to be a good role model for his fellow employees and people in general.

Spokesman for Dairy Queen, Dean Peters, says that Dairy Queen will figure out a way to reward Joey Prusak’s good deed.

Joey Prusak who is 19, has worked at Dairy Queen since he was 14. He has intentions to save money for business school. He is currently a manager of the Hopkins Minnesota Dairy Queen. Joey Prusak has now captured the public eye and is now realizing national acclaim for a simple act of kindness and honesty.

What do you think of Dairy Queen manager Joey Prusak’s good deed?