Bigfoot Sightings Map: Legendary Sasquatch Apparently Loves To Travel [Image]

You know that Bigfoot has been spotted all over the country throughout the years, but you probably didn’t think he got around this much. A new map of all reported Bigfoot sightings was put together by a Penn State doctoral candidate, and, well, let’s just say we didn’t think there were that many.

To our knowledge, the map created by Joshua Stevens (the aforementioned Penn State student) is the first to ever bring every Bigfoot sighting together in one place. The image was compiled by data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), which documents “the presence of an animal, probably a primate, that exists today in very low population densities,” according to their website.

Stevens plotted the BFRO data using geographic-information software. Guess how many sightings there have been between 1921 and 2012, according to the BFRO? A whopping 3,313.

“Right away, you can see that sightings are not evenly distributed,” Stevens said of the map. “There are distinct regions where sightings are incredibly common, despite a very sparse population. On the other hand, in some of the most densely populated areas, Sasquatch sightings are exceedingly rare. The terrain and habitat likely play a major role in the distribution of reports.”

Still, Stevens doesn’t necessarily think that 3,000+ sightings is evidence that Bigfoot is really out there on an endless walkabout of the United States and Canada.

“Ultimately, I’m not convinced there’s a descendant of (giant ape) Gigantopithecus playing hide-and-seek in the Pacific Northwest,” he said. “But if respectable folks like … primatologist Jane Goodall believe there’s something more to the myth, I think it’s at least worth putting on the map.”

Stevens is referring to a 2006 interview with NPR during which the famed primate researcher confessed, “I’m sure that they exist,” of the Bigfoot.

“Well, I’m a romantic, so I always wanted that,” she added.

Check out the BIgfoot sightings map below, and let us know what you think!

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