Clown Terrorizes Town? Coulrophobes Freak Out In Norhampton

There is a clown terrorizing a town in Britain…

OK, well maybe “terrorizing” is too strong of a strong word. There is a clown “standing” on street corners in Britain is probably a better description.

A bunch of Coulrophobes (people who are afraid of clowns) have been causing a panic in Northampton, UK, this week.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that a person in clown makeup has been spotted around the British town this week. Sometimes he’s holding balloons. Sometimes he’s just standing there. Sometimes he’s carrying around a little clown teddy bear.

This, of course, is enough to terrorize the town coulrophobes.

One clown who was accused of terrorizing the town, told the Huffington Post: “Too much hate not enough love… No, I don’t have a knife on me!, That’s just stupid rumors spread by stupid people.”

The clown has been causing such a panic in Northampton that a man who calls himself “The Clown Catcher” has stepped forward to do battle with the Northampton clown.

Boris The Clown Catcher writes on Facebook: “My name is Boris. I am the official clown catcher. I am not here to scare anyone. I am not here to hurt anyone. I come in peace!”

Will Boris be able to stop the clown from terrorizing the British town? Tune in next week to “Things That Are Completely Ridiculous.”

Do you think Northampton clown is really terrorizing the town? Or are people just overreacting to some harmless mischief?