GWAR Fans Petition For Metal Act To Play Super Bowl Gains 18,000 Signatures

GWAR fans have started a petition to try and get the US heavy metal band to headline 2015’s Super Bowl.

This comes after next year’s performer, Bruno Mars, was labelled as “boring” by supporters of the group.

Over 18,000 people have leant their support to the petition. They’re hoping that GWAR, who hail from Virginia and recently released the album, Battle Maximus, their 13th record, will become the first bona-fide metal act to play at the Super Bowl.

Around 110million people normally watch the Super Bowl half-time slot, which recently seen the likes of Beyonce, Madonna, The Who, Prince, and Bruce Springsteen perform.

Jeff Cantrell, who launched the campaign, wrote, “We don’t want another year of sitting around talking through a muted, boring NFL Super Bowl halftime show. We want something different. We want a real spectacle that only GWAR can provide. Doesn’t the NFL want more viewers? Don’t advertisers want more people paying attention? This way everyone wins.”

GWAR’s frontman, Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie is a huge NFL fan, and he even writes a column on the sport for Oakland Raiders fans have even been dressing like the band for several years too.

Cantrell is adamant that the band should play on this huge stage, noting, “NFL must listen to the people. GWAR is more American than apple pie.”

Describing GWAR’s half-time performance Cantrall declared, “The GWARD Super Bowl XLIX Half-Time Extravaganza will most certainly include bloody cheerleaders, something that spews Gatorade and a marching band version of “Saddam-A-Go-Go.” These are things America needs to heal for the mental wounds of previous halftime affairs.”

Super Bowl XLVIV, which will see Mars play, takes place at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on February 2, 2014. GWAR would play at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix, on February 1, 2015, if they are hired.

[Image via 3 song photography/Shutterstock]