Mets’ Matt Harvey Opts For Rehab Over Elbow Surgery

New York Mets’ pitching phenomenon Matt Harvey has decided to rehab his injured elbow before having surgery. If rehab is successful, he will return next season and help the Mets rebuilding efforts.

If Harvey’s rehab fails, he will undergo Tommy John elbow surgery and miss the entire 2014 MLB season. Rehab will last six to eight weeks. If Harvey feels any pain or discomfort, he will end his rehab and be forced to go under the knife.

Before injuring his elbow, Harvey was having a sensational 2013 season. He started 26 games for the Mets, racking up 191 strikeouts in 178 innings. His era was a Cy Young worthy 2.27. Actually, his whole season was Cy Young worthy. He would have been a top candidate for the end of the year award.

There’s always next year. With any luck, that is.

The main reason Matt Harvey is choosing rehab over surgery is the Mets are seen as playoff contenders next season. The Mets haven’t have made the postseason since 2006 and have $40 million in salaries coming off the books to spend in free agency. Oh yeah, they also have David Wright.

Harvey knows that Tommy John surgery has become commonplace among MLB pitchers. Speaking with reporters, he stayed realistic, saying, “I know if there is a red flag during that (throwing program) that something needs to be done.”

He also said everything feels normal right now, and he is optimistic rehab will work. David Wright is hoping rehab will work too. According to reports, part of the reason Wright signed a $138 million extension in New York was because of the teams 2014 chances. Losing Harvey for the year would not be good.

Do you think Matt Harvey is making the right choice with rehab? Are the New York Mets legitimate playoff contender in 2014?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]