Seaside Heights Boardwalk Fire Caused By Electrical Mishap

Seaside, NJ – Last week’s massive fire that destroyed New Jersey’s beloved Seaside Heights boardwalk was caused by a simple electrical problem, authorities reported Tuesday.

An official spoke to MSN earlier today on the condition of anonymity, revealing the cause of the fire ahead of the planned 2 pm news conference during which authorities were to reveal the results of their investigation.

The source explained that the fire started Thursday near a frozen custard stand in Seaside Park and that it spread quickly into Seaside Heights. This seemingly puts to rest earlier reports suggesting that the fire was the result of arson.

More than 50 businesses in both towns were destroyed in the fire.

Many parts of the boardwalk were destroyed yet again after being repaired only recently after Superstorm Sandy devastated the coast. Other sites that had still not yet recovered from Sandy were also destroyed completely, like the Funtown amusement pier, which was unable to re-open this summer due to storm damage. Now it’s pretty much gone for good.

Fun fact: The bar where Snooki was punched in the face during the first season of MTV’s Jersey Shore was also among the businesses so damaged by Sandy that it was unable to re-open this summer. It, too, perished in the fire.

Plans to rebuild the boardwalk are still underway, but Governor Chris Christie has said that his administration will use Sandy recovery cash to remove debris from the destroyed shore. He has also pledged $15 million to help rebuild businesses burned in the fire.

“We’re going to get back on our feet,” Christie said on Saturday after meeting with local business owners. “We’re going to do what we need to do.”