‘Black Tim Tebow’: Christian Prince Amukamara Of The Giants Doesn’t Drink Alcohol, Is A Virgin

The “Black Tim Tebow,” or Prince Amukamara as he is more commonly known, opened up about his life as a Christian recently, revealing why some have nicknamed him the Black Tim Tebow.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Tim Tebow news had the Russians offer to pay him $1 million to play two games in the Russian playoffs as a quarterback.

The real Tim Tebow is well known as being a Christian and sharing the gospel of Jesus everywhere he goes. Tim Tebow’s touchdown pose has been nicknamed “tebowing” because Tim Tebow offers a quick thank you prayer to God for helping him with his football game. Of course, Tim Tebow is also well-known for having a hard time keeping a job in the NFL although some say Tim Tebow is suffering from religious persecution. But when the Patriots let Tim Tebow, he thanked the manager and coach while quoting Bible verses.

It’s these similarities in beliefs and actions that earned Prince Amukamara his Black Tim Tebow nickname. New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara says he’s never drank a drop of alcohol in his life and he’s “not ashamed” to say he’s a virgin:

“I grew up Catholic, so it just started out as one of those things. I’d think, ‘If I do this, maybe I can get to heaven,’ so I said no drinks, no sex, all the big things. As I grew up, I realized that’s not what it’s about. It’s about having a relationship with Jesus. It’s not about ‘Don’t do this. Don’t do that.’ But still, it’s just one of those things I haven’t done, and I don’t see any benefit to doing it.”

Prince Amukamara says he might indulge in his first drink for his upcoming bachelor party, which apparently is supported by his fiancee. Prince Amukamara is 24 years old and engaged to New York woman Pilar Davis, who originally thought the Giants were a baseball team. That made her a “keeper” in his mind.

The Black Tim Tebow points out many other NFL stars have gotten into trouble because of drinking alcohol, from DUI arrests to drunken shooting rampages. Prince Amukamara believes that “by not drinking, it saves me, my team, and my family a lot of trouble.”

Prince Amukamara also explained that “prince” is not a nickname like the Black Tim Tebow:

My dad is a chief in a village in Nigeria and since I’m the first son, I get the title as prince. I think if I wanted to become a chief there, I would have to live there, so it would be whenever I’m ready.

What do you think about the Giants’ Prince Amukamara being nicknamed Black Tim Tebow?