George Takei YouTube Channel ‘TakeisTake’ Has Begun [Video]

The new George Takei YouTube channel has been launched. It’s called TakeisTake, and it’s basically the video equivalent of what you might expect from the Star Trek alumni.

In the first episode of George Takei‘s new YouTube channel, Takei takes on Google Glass and even features some interesting cameos such as iJustine and Lamarr Wilson. We are expecting this channel to become just as well-watched as the big-name YouTube channels like Smosh and wheezywaiter, if not even more-so. It’s simply the power of George Takei on the internet (oh myyy…).

As the George Takei YouTube channel’s first video begins, we see the internet superstar sitting comfortably in front of a blue wall with a Facebook-inspired “like” symbol framed behind him. He starts out with the words, “Hi, I’m George Takei. Welcome to Takei’s Take.”

George Takei continues by saying that every year we witness a new kind of technology, and, in 2013, that technology took the form of Google Glass. He jokingly refers to it as the “stupidest Instagram pic you’ll take this year.” He continues after the title animation, talking about what Google Glass can do including checking the weather, taking pictures, recording video, getting directions, and even looking things up on the internet.

Star Trek alumni George Takei continues by saying that, in spite of Google trying to convince us to not be evil, their real goal is taking over the world. He mentions that there was a question on Twitter that asked what people would do with Google Glass, and the answers ranged from video recording, to throwing it at peoples’ faces, and even recording first-person perspective tutorials on high-paid professions. Of course, this nifty little invention will run you $1,500.

The George Takei YouTube channel’s first video continues with clips of other users who proceed to show us video recording during all kinds of events as well as asking it questions. When at last Lamarr Wilson joined George Takei in the studio, the first thing Takei did was put it on and tell us what he saw, rattling off setting numbers such as the remaining battery.

George Takei’s YouTube channel TakeiTakes appears set to take over the internet any day now.

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