Ancient Town Discovered On Sea Of Galilee

An ancient town was discovered along the Sea of Galilee. The town is estimated to be at least 2,000 years old. The Biblical-era town is located in the Ginosar Valley, Israel.

Dr. Ken Dark, an archaeologist and historian with the University of Reading, suggests the town may have been mentioned in the Bible. According to Dark, the town’s age and location suggest it many be Dalmanutha.

Dalmanutha, or Dalmanoutha, is mentioned in the Gospel of Mark. According to the Bible, Jesus traveled to Dalmanutha after performing a miracle with bread and fish.

As reported by LiveScience, Jesus fed 4,000 people by “multiplying a few fish and loaves of bread.” He then sailed to Dalmanutha.

Researchers revealed that a boat, discovered in 1986, was actually found on the shore of the ancient town. The boat was determined to be around 2,000 years old.

Evidence discovered at the site suggests the ancient town was involved in trade and fishing. Anchors, amphora, weights, and vessel glass have all been discovered at the site.

The items suggest the town was a hub for fishing and trade.

As reported by Yahoo News, researchers suggest the ancient town’s residents were of varying religious belief. Pottery fragments and architectural designs suggest a mix of mono and polytheistic religions.

The estimated age of the artifacts suggest the town thrived along the Sea of Galilee for centuries.

A majority of the artifacts were discovered in a field between Migdal and the sea. The artifacts were certainly impressive. However, some of the most interesting artifacts were transported to the town of Migdal by its inhabitants.

While exploring Migdal, researchers discovered residents were using artifacts as garden and lawn ornaments. When questioned, the residents confirmed where they found the artifacts.

The ancient town’s Biblical significance is a topic for debate. Religion aside, the town is a significant discovery along the Sea of Galilee.

[Image via Wikimedia]