Forbes Richest 400: Bill Gates Is Still The Wealthiest American

James Johnson

Bill Gates is still by far the richest man in America, according to the Forbes Richest 400 list.

Microsoft's founder is worth an estimated $72 billion, while his next closest contemporary, Warren Buffett, holds onto a $58.5 billion fortune. Gates still operates a controlling interest in Microsoft and while his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives away billions of dollars annually, his fortune continues to rapidly grow.

In third place is yet another tech giant with Oracle's Larry Ellison amassing a fortune of $41 billion.

The controversial Koch brothers round out the top five, with Charles Koch and David Koch worth an estimated $36 billion each.

Christy Walton & Family are listed in 6th place with $35.4 billion thanks to her family's Walmart fortune. The retail giant is responsible for the creation of massive wealth for the entire Walton family.

Jim Walton is listed at number seven on the Forbes list with $33.8 billion and Alice Walton controls a $33.5 billion fortune. S. Robson Walton rounds out the Walmart fortune with $33.3 billion.

If Sam Walton was still alive today, his fortune would be valued at more than $125 billion.

Rounding out the top 10 on Forbes's Richest 400 list is Bloomberg LP founder and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His fortune built on the back of a financial reporting empire is worth $31 billion.

There is so much wealth in America that the last 15 men on the Forbes Richest 400 list tied with $1.3 billion of individual wealth.

From video camera and car sellers to heads of massive global enterprises, 99% of America's wealth is controlled by a diverse group of individuals.

There does appear to be one common theme on the list, many of the men and women listed as America's richest work in the fields of technology, finance, and defense.

You can view the full Forbes Richest 400 list HERE.