Dry Ice Prank Freaks Out Fast Food Workers [Video]

A video featuring fast food employees reacting to a dry ice prank is ready to take the internet by storm.

Masterminded by the folks at J Stu Studios, the video features Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites picking on some unsuspecting drive-thru workers by slipping some dry ice into their drink when no one is looking. The reaction to the billowing smoke is nothing short of classic.

The dry ice prank seems to catch everyone completely off-guard. One fast food employee even expresses some concern about handling the cup in question.

“I’m a little afraid to have it,” the worker says.

One Wendy’s employee is clearly a little puzzled by the experience. The guy insists that the only thing he put into the customer’s drink was regular garden-variety ice. He continues to plead his innocence as the smoke rising from the top of the cup. The worker even shows the prankster the ice he put into the beverage.

Justin Stuart recently told the folks at Mashable that he came up with the joke while kicking around idea for a possible prank. Although people know what dry ice is, he thought putting it into a fast food cup would seriously freak out more than a few drive-thru employees.

“I guess paying attention in science class pays off,” he added.

Workers should definitely be a little skeptical of customers who pull up at drive-thru windows these days. The Inquisitr reported earlier this year about the sneaky pranks executed by YouTube celebrity Rahat the Magician.

In addition to dazzling people with floating money and floating drinks, Rahat also put together a custom car seat that allowed him to appear invisible to the untrained eye. Not surprisingly, some people were a little puzzled by the experience.

“What the heck is going on? Oh my God!” one Chik-Fil-A worker said as the driverless car pulled up to the window. This response is entirely understandable.

What do you think about J Stu Studios’ dry ice prank?

[Image via Shutterstock.com]