Navy Yard Shooting Likely Not Terrorism, Department Of Homeland Security Says

The Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., does not appear to be connected to terrorism, an internal document from the Department of Homeland Security revealed.

Issued within minutes of the first reports, the DHS document detailed what was known about the Navy Yard shooter. It said that, at least initially, the Navy Yard shooting did not appear to be an act of terrorism.

The report, which was obtained by the Daily Caller, read:

“[Metropolitan Police are] responding to reports of shots fired at the Washington Navy Yard Base. The Base in [sic] on lockdown. It remains an active scene and the subject is not in custody. Multiple units responding including SWAT unit at this time. Subject allegedly has multiple weapons. 3 victims at this time. Shots were reported to be fired in Building 197, the cafeteria, on the base. Additional street closures include the 11th St Bridge and M Street are closed between 2nd and 4th Streets,SE. All outbound flights out of DCA are on hold by FAA as a result of this incident.”

The report was issued by the Intelligence Watch and Warning cell inside the National Operations Center, which serves as a hub for managing domestic attacks and coordination operations.

Reports from the Navy Yard shooting have been rife with misinformation and speculation, however. Several news outlets reported that shots were also fired at the Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, which would have pointed to a coordinated terrorist attack, the trademark of al Qaeda. But those reports were later debunked as a hoax.

The Navy Yard shooting has left at least three people dead and as many as 10 injured. One shooter has been killed, but police say they are still searching for a second possible shooter.

The reports of multiple shooters raised the possibility that the Navy Yard shooting was indeed an act of terrorism, but the DHS maintains that no link is evident.

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